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Probate Made Simple offers its clients a simple, cost effective and transparent service that handles the whole probate process.

Nobody likes to think of dying but unfortunately we all will at some time. Probate Made Simple has developed a probate service to help you and your family, at this traumatic time, through the sometimes difficult and complicated process of probate.

Our service uses a qualified Probate Solicitor who will obtain Grant of Probate, complete any probate forms and explain the whole probate process in an easy to understand way. The service is efficient and cost driven to quickly and professionally carry out the wishes of a loved one's Will whilst at the same time giving peace of mind to everyone concerned.

We are happy to come and see you at your home or where you feel most comfortable.

We will happily discuss the costs involved and the likely time frame for sorting matters out.


Declaration: If you give false information, or the estate fails to qualify as an excepted estate and you do not tell HMRC within 6 months of the failure coming to your notice, you may have to pay financial supplement or face prosecution.

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