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After much research into 'Do it Yourself' Probate products we have found that     Probate Wizard is by far the most comprehensive and cost effective solution.

Please see our Typical Probate Costs page and find out how much saving can be made, by choosing a DIY approach compared to typical solicitors costs.

But Is a DIY Probate process right for you?

We would recommend you use The Probate Wizard if: 

  • You are an executor named in the will, or
  • You are an administrator acting under "intestacy", or
  • You are a family member, or
  • You are a friend of the executors/administrators, or
  • You are a solicitor, IFA, legal advisor or other professional
  • You are aged 18 or over

However, there are certain circumstances in which we would advise a DIY approach is unsuitable. For example, if the will or estate is disputed, if the surviving spouse is domiciled abroad or if the deceased died bankrupt or if one or more of the beneficiaries is bankrupt.  If this is the case we would recommend you contact us or another Probate Solicitor.