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The difference between Probate Solicitors charges (and Bank Charges) can range significantly and will vary based on the value of the estate, whereas the cost of a DIY Probate will remain the same; therefore the saving will depend on the solicitor rate for that size of estate. 

The above is only an example of typical probate costs and the potential saving versus a DIY approach; however if you believe you would rather use a probate solicitor, then we would all ways recommend you consider the following points:

  • Always seek more than one probate quotation.
  • Ensure you agree a fixed fee probate quotation and not an estimate, that may increase later.
  • Always confirm your probate quotation in writing, before you accept it.
  • Confirm that your probate case, will be handled by a fully qualified probate solicitor with specialist knowledge of trusts, wills, and probate matters.

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